Linking data for Research

20 April 2020

In Kent we have developed a strategy for linking patient level data at a level below what has previously been done. Beyond linking administrative data we will accumulate clinical data about patients from each of the care providers in acutes, community, mental health, primary care and ambulance service. You can download an overview of our … Continue reading “Linking data for Research”

Innovation in East Kent – SAFER: Red2Green

14 May 2018

Beautiful Information works to commercialise excellence in informatics, especially in its host and partner organisations. This case study highlights how East Kent Hospitals has used Beautiful Information solutions alongside the Trust’s other reporting systems to deal with the challenge of recording and displaying ‘Red2Green’ data WHAT IT IS The SAFER Initiative was developed by NHS … Continue reading “Innovation in East Kent – SAFER: Red2Green”

Depth of coding is not always the answer to improving data quality

12 February 2016

According to one healthcare intelligence firm, the depth of coding was around four codes on average per patient in June 2009, up from an average of three in 2005. Today’s average is around five codes per patient. Depth of coding is an arbitrary measurement, however, and something which is not defined by the NHS Clinical … Continue reading “Depth of coding is not always the answer to improving data quality”