25 February 2020

From left to right: Dr Marc Farr, Founder and Scott Parker, Managing Director, Beautiful Information and Jordi Rovira, UK Delivery Lead, Mysphera.

On 12 February 2020 we presented a stand at the excellent ‘Two’s Company: The What, Whys and Hows of Digital Twins in Industry Today and Tomorrow’ event hosted by Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent.

The event was a celebration of the best digital innovation across many sectors, including health, with some keynote presentations from Siemens and Microsoft. We saw how cutting-edge digital tools have revolutionised factories and production to the point where every Mini produced in the last five years is unique – no two models are the same!

In healthcare, we saw how hologram technology from HoloCare is helping surgeons plan and operate with virtual 3D organs. This allows unprecedented 360-degree access to an enlarged replica and is crucial with smaller organs like an infant’s walnut-sized heart.

The workshops, one of which was hosted by Beautiful Information’s Founder Dr Marc Farr, allowed participants to explore further the possibilities with digital innovation.