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Consultant Outcomes

Publishing consultant outcomes should be, well…simple, shouldn’t it?  We have the data, we have guidance on what to publish and we have the means to publish it, but in between there’s a whole spectrum of how to get this simple … Continue reading

The Age of Engagement

Having worked in the NHS for nearly 9 years, I’ve often thought if there was job that I would like to do. The answer is (mostly), ‘I would love to be a Doctor’. Although this is probably a simplistic view, I … Continue reading

The Analysis Mansion

Data Architecture is often overlooked in informatics as something that is dull and ‘for geeks’.  Far too often the source and structure of the data is side-lined to focus on trends and reporting.  However, in my opinion (and it may … Continue reading

Information ; it’s not hide and seek

As Francis Bacon once said ‘Knowledge is power’, that’s great but it is rare that any one person can know something and complete any action by themselves. It usually requires a team or teams of people around them to assist … Continue reading

Making Information Beautiful event

On behalf of the Kent Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science the beautiful information team recently team hosted the first of a series of events to bang the drum about the importance of the IM or Information Management function within the … Continue reading

Before Autopilot

I was recently in a meeting with my Chief Executive and Chairman and the CE regaled a story of how pilots used to read crucial information when landing a plane. One could imagine that this would be of a complex … Continue reading