Diabetes dashboard for Manchester launches

8 June 2020

We are delighted to see the initial launch of the North Manchester Diabetes Centre dashboard which has been done in partnership with the University of Salford.

This has been built against a backdrop of a rising number of ulcers and amputations for diabetes patients. In February, Diabetes UK reported that over 9000 amputations a year are caused by diabetes in England. In fact, £1.00 in every £140.00 of NHS spend goes towards diabetes foot care alone.

The solution allows clinicians to benefit from a digital dashboard which tracks patient ulcers and amputations, and will establish key metrics. The dashboard records ulcer classification, duration and care location. This will ultimately enable comparison of assessment and treatment and give clinicians the opportunity to predict outcomes based on data.

The next phase will  look at automated, real-time data available to clinicians and patients with ‘trends’ and other analytical functionality added. As well as iterating the functionality, the dashboard is being developed flexibly to absorb, integrate and analyse data from an increasing number of sources as the project expands.

Caroline Howes, Head of Delivery, Beautiful Information sees this as a very important step forward in diabetes care and said “Ulcer classification has presented a degree of complexity in developing a dashboard with both Texas and SINBAD models being used in diabetes. Now we have a dashboard model that functions well, the opportunity for the NHS to improve patient outcomes in this field is enormous.” 

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