Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance Patient Tracking List (PTL)

27 January 2020

This month we have started work on developing the new Kent and Medway Cancer Alliance Patient Tracking List (PTL) which will be a centralised tracking list of patients for the whole of Kent and Medway, to monitor them throughout their cancer treatment pathway.

Staff will be able to see where a patient is on their pathway and monitor whether each patient is receiving the treatment they need in the time they need it, even if the patient goes to another hospital in the region.

Currently each hospital tracks its own patients using various different methods and following patients’ treatments to other hospital sites involves ‘phone calls and emails; information is often not completely up-to-date.

The new PTL will have rapidly refreshed data, meaning that if a patient has a delay, staff can see this and act quickly to resolve the problem. It is also easy-to-use, meaning staff will spend less time using complicated spreadsheets or systems to find out about their patients.