TOP 5 data challenges in public health 2019

13 November 2019

1. Responding to structural change. New organisations like NHS Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems come with new data requirements and challenges. We have to be alive to changing demands on analytics across bigger care sectors and regions.

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2. Giving networks teeth. The emergence of bodies like Cancer and Paediatric Networks to monitor performance data and orchestrate improvements has to go hand-in-hand with the authority to drive change and ensure compliance. We are developing a Cancer and Paediatric Network improvement plans currently.

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3. Taking the pain out of information governance. Useful data sharing is still restrictive between organisations which hampers or blocks attempts to improve patient experience on Referral To Treatment, for example. We have to develop a more pragmatic approach to IG to help seamless data flow across the health and social care sectors. We are working on various integrated data projects across different UK regions.

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4. Putting the patient at the centre. Data systems and data sharing don’t always keep patients fully informed. We have to strive for personal health data transparency between healthcare provider and patient to help patients make informed choices and achieve better outcomes.

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5. Managing the burden of analysis. Electronic Medical Records now provide a gateway to so much more data. This has been an invaluable development in patient care but increasing available data naturally invites increasing analysis. We have to be mindful of the demands on data analysts. Our automated, real-time reporting solutions are efficient and save analysts’ time.

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