Our first innovation prize has launched

8 November 2017

We are looking for applications from patients, clinicians and managers across England, with ideas for how patient flow and patient pathway management can be improved for the prize worth £20,000*. The prize is being sponsored and we will be announcing the sponsors shortly.

In the context of Sustainability and transformation partnerships and ever improving access to technology, data-linking, application of algorithms and the presenting of alerts, there are huge opportunities for the development of applications to give simpler, more intuitive, views of flow and pathways. As well as access to a significant prize, the winner will have access to two large acute trusts, their patient data, their clinicians and their local health partners, so that the application can be implemented, tested and evaluated. Where access to patient data is provided, this will only be where it is the direct application of patient care, and will be implemented in a secure IT environment that complies with all relevant information governance rules.

To find out more about the criterion for the prize and to apply for it via an application form, please click here. The deadline for applications is at 11.59 pm on Friday 2 February 2018. Judging will be completed by a panel in February 2018, with the winner being announced at an event in Spring 2018.

*The prize is not a cash sum, but £20,000 worth of development or other support you require.