Beautiful Information’s Regional Operational Control Centre brings together information from healthcare providers across the regional health economy into a single, clear and accessible view. It can cover such measures as:

  • Acute providers ED activity and performance
  • Acute bed availability
  • Primary care GP practice demand
  • Community bed availability and MIU performance
  • Ambulance handovers and incidents
  • Care Home capacity
  • OPEL status


  • web-based dashboard, available anytime and anywhere
  • available for any platform, optimised for all devices
  • easy to implement, flexible to develop and maintain
  • control over unlimited users, wherever they may be
  • notifications to alert users when thresholds breached

Regional Operational Control Centre

Data can be fed to the dashboard via a variety of methods, from automated real-time data feeds using easy to implement mechanisms to web-based forms for data that can only be captured manually.  Different methods can be used for different providers, depending on needs and capabilities.

Beautiful Information has successfully implemented Regional Operational Control Centre dashboards in Suffolk and North East Essex STP and Lincolnshire STP, and we are looking to implement to several other regions.

For an overview of our Regional Operational Control Centre, click here.

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