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We see Information Management (IM) with a high profile at the heart of a successful NHS organisation. Unfortunately this function is often under-resourced and misaligned with functions such as Information Technology and Finance. Also given the ‘Big Data’ resources that are becoming available for analysis at a faster and faster rate, it is strategically important that NHS organisations are organised to make best use of this valuable commodity. To enable strong performance management from division to clinician, it is important that data ownership is held at the point where data is created, not by those that process it. Through making all data transparent to clinicians, managers, GPs and patients data quality can be demonstrated to improve. At beautiful information we have implemented processes to deliver this transparency in real-time and across a range of technologies from websites, text alerting and smartphone applications. For more details contact


At beautiful information we have delivered products and services that change the decision environment from data attached to emails to intelligent information delivered in real-time on multiple devices. Often the difference between information being acted upon or ignored is in the presentation of it in a rigorous, but intuitive and engaging way. There is now a plethora of business intelligence applications available in this space and many NHS organisations find it difficult to decide the most appropriate strategy for their organisation. beautiful information can advise on strategy, provide implementation programmes and dashboards ready to go across a range of activities including:

  • Real-time Emergency Department monitoring versus key clinical standards;
  • Hospital at a glance; real-time bed state, admission and planning and inlier/outlier analysis;
  • Patient level Mortality, Length of Stay and Readmission analysis;
  • Daily Referral and Activity planning versus contract, costed and forecast forward to a year end position;
  • Service Line Reporting and Financial Waterfall analysis presented for a clinician view;
  • Geo-spatial and animated mapping.

For many NHS organisations the ‘heavy-lifting’ of what is commonly referred to as data-warehousing is not well understood and poorly implemented. With the spirit of the new Information Strategy being around creating links between data as opposed to creating cumbersome copies of data, there is significant scope for much more AGILE development of management information from existing systems. beautiful information can provide a range of examples where data from different systems have been linked to triangulate new and compelling performance metrics.

With a range of new potential data linkages between providers from different settings and commissioners, there is scope to encapsulate data and predicted outcomes about a whole patient pathway and present to all relevant organisations and importantly the patient themselves in one place. Working with our partners we have developed a range of predictive and forecasting techniques to enable better planning. These range from developing forecasting referral and activity models that can be agreed between providers and commissioners to building disease specific outcome projections in areas such as Emergency Readmissions and Acute Kidney Injury. Through our research programme we aim to extend these into areas such as Stroke, Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease. As well as designing intuitive dashboards we are developing new display techniques to demonstrate the link between measures and supporting metrics. Two current examples include our Tube map patient flow modeller and the Related Measures Clock-face. For more details contact

innovation incubator

Traditionally the public sector makes it difficult for the private sector to sell to it, a mistake because the financial challenge facing the NHS only becomes possible through transformational change based on the implementation of technology. Too often the best young tech SMEs are not given the space in which to test and refine their products. The beautiful information venture aims to encourage the hosting of experimentation and innovation within an NHS environment with access to patient data and clinician engagement. beautiful information are developing plans to provide a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style programme in which these companies are awarded the opportunity to work within a range of NHS bodies for a pre-launch period.

Innovation within the NHS can be hampered by the wrong incentives being in place around the creation and protection of intellectual property. By creating beautiful information as  a formal organisation, part owned privately and part owned by the NHS, a repository exists within which IP can be stored as an asset.  We are already working with a range of clinicians and managers to help them protect their original ideas and turn them into products that will benefit the NHS. For more details contact


The importance of accredited clinical coders or experienced information analysts cannot be understated. For correct payment and more importantly for the monitoring of patient safety and an objective revalidation process, strong clinician engagement between the Coding function, the Informatics team and the clinician body is crucial.

As specialists within our field, we understand the profession completely and can relate to the frustrations often experienced by trusts trying to organize, reliable and proficient contractors. Our aim is to make this process as smooth as possible whilst providing complete confidence and trust for our clients.

This part of our enterprise is run by a small team of dedicated and experienced, ACC qualified, clinical coding professionals with recruitment experience.  We are committed to producing and maintaining high standards in coding accuracy and ensuring that our candidates are the best available in the current marketplace.

All our contractors hold the Accredited Clinical Coder (ACC) qualification and have vast experience across difference specialities.  Contractors are required to complete a clinical coding knowledge and skills assesment as part of the registration process. The aim of this is to give our clients optimum assurance in our service.  All contractors hold an up to date Clinical Coding Refresher course certificate which can be viewed on the candidates’ zone. Details of other training courses are available on request.

At beautiful information we offer a complete range of support services including:

  • assurance of coding team and development of clinician engagement strategy
  • training programmes and coaching
  • clinical audit
  • recruitment for permanent and contract staff
  • out-sourcing for acute, MH and community coding

For more details contact