Beautiful Information

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about us

Beautiful Information is the first NHS/private partnership of its kind and provides unique real-time information to NHS trusts to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient demand. It is supported by Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network and is based in the information directorate at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT).

We think it’s not good enough that

  • a patient’s GP notes aren’t available in A&E
  • a trust a chief executive doesn’t know how many patients are in A&E right now even if they are on the other side of the world
  • the medical director doesn’t know how many beds are needed in orthopaedics right now
  • staff do not know when a planned patient discharge is delayed
  • the finance director does not know how much income from trauma & orthopaedics was generated yesterday
  • data is not being linked effectively between community trusts, acute trusts, social services and third sector organisations
  • the medical director doesn’t know which theatre team is the most efficient right now

This is what we believe

(IM ≠ IT) These two functions are different

(Data ≠ acceptable) Information should provide a clear call to action

(Information = beautiful) It should be intuitive, compelling and engaging

(NHS informatics = value) NHS innovation has a value

This is what we want

  • NHS informatics to be understood by everyone and used effectively to make healthcare simple and transparent
  • to establish a technology innovation incubator within the NHS so SMEs can refine their products
  • to develop a new paradigm for the way public and private sectors work together so the NHS can operate more efficiently
  • to raise the profile and collective level of informatics expertise across the country by setting up an NHS Informatics Academy
  • to generate more research funding for informatics development in the NHS

This is what we have done so far

We have significantly improved the ability of our own and other NHS organisations to understand and manage performance. We have used information tools and our own understanding of how NHS hospital pathways work to create performance dashboards that give hospital managers and clinical staff a real-time view of activity within their trust