28 January 2022

Beautiful Information joins leading health technology firm VitalHub Corp. to offer a comprehensive and robust suite of operational control and efficiency products to the healthcare industry.

Beautiful Information are delighted to be joining the VitalHub UK team and add to their portfolio of companies offering a range of expertise and market leading products across the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

Beautiful Information was founded in Kent as the first NHS/private partnership of its kind, supported in its development by Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and Ashford St Peters NHS Foundation Trust.

BI offers unique real-time information to NHS trusts to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow, and their solutions are deployed across a range of UK NHS organisations. Using their own operational knowledge and experience of hospital environments and adopting a strategy of elevating Information Management above Information Technology, they have developed solutions that provide hospital managers and clinicians a real-time view of activity, helping to reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients.

They will be the latest addition to the existing VitalHub group of companies in the UK which includes industry leaders Transforming Systems, Intouch with Health, Synopsis, MCAP, Jayex, Alamac and S12 Solutions. The BI solutions will be added to the existing portfolio of VitalHub patient flow product offerings, creating a more robust suite of operational visibility and efficiency products.

VitalHub develops innovative technologies to serve the Health and Social Care sector, providing digital solutions to Regional Health Authorities, Mental Health Services, Long Term Care, Hospitals, Home Health, Community and Social Services. The existing VitalHub portfolio of solutions spans the categories of Electronic Health Record (EHR), Case Management, Care Coordination, Patient Flow, Operational Visibility, Virtual and Remote Care, and Mental Health.

Serving over 200 clients across North America, VitalHub also has a strong foothold here in the UK, with 7 of the UK’s pioneering health technology companies already part of the group, and their award-winning solutions deployed across over 56% of the NHS in England.

Mike Sanders, VitalHub UK CEO, commented on the Acquisition stating “adding Beautiful Information’s solutions to our existing suite of patient flow and operational visibility products will serve to increase our customer base, while expanding our technology and advisory capabilities. The BI team brings extensive healthcare data expertise across the NHS and when combined with our existing Transforming Systems and Alamac products, creates strong synergies that position VitalHub as the leader in the UK for these types of solutions. We look forward to continuing to sell this integrated product suite across this NHS, while simultaneously leveraging these tools across our commercial footprint, this is an exciting time to be part of VitalHub and I look forward to working with the Beautiful Information team”

Scott Parker, Managing Director of Beautiful Information, added “Bringing together this wealth of expertise and scale in healthcare information provides an exciting opportunity to develop and expand our solutions and services to our customers at pace, helping improve the visibility and sharing of vital operational information that will ultimately benefit patients and the wider population health.”

Lisa Riley, VitalHub UK Vice President of Strategic Product & Partnership Development commented further “For years Beautiful Information, Alamac and Transforming Systems have been seen as competitors, particularly in Urgent Care, but behind the scenes we have always worked very closely with one another and stayed in constant communication. We recognised some time ago that by joining forces we could offer the NHS so much more, and that each of us had pockets of genius in our solutions that, if combined, would be incredibly powerful for the end users – and VitalHub has now given us the opportunity we have been waiting for. I am genuinely excited about what our future looks like going forward!”

Dr Marc Farr, Founder of Beautiful Information adds that “combining Beautiful Information, Transforming Systems and Alamac creates, for the first time, an organisation that can track, in real-time, the clinical journey of the patient at the individual level and aggregate it to provide a regional and national view of flow and system pressure. We believe that putting this information in the hands of operational managers will create a new opportunity to alert more quickly on how resources can be flexed at any time to reduce system inefficiencies before they occur.”