Innovation at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

19 April 2018

Safer reason graph

Beautiful Information works to commericalise excellence in informatics, especially in its host organisation.

The EKHUFT Information Team has used Beautiful Information’s Patient Tracking Live (PTL) solution technology to capture SAFER Red/Green as well as a bespoke list of reasons for delay. This real-time information can be filtered by ward and allows the organisation to directly to the patients behind each reason.

Another use of the PTL technology to display maternity delivery information across the organisation, and thanks to IT, it is now being displayed on large screens on wards. Data is pulled from a variety of systems and displayed in a single system, providing staff with a single point of reference. This part of systems is developed for the whole maternity pathway.

The EKHUFT IT Information teams have also recently developed a secure patient feedback solution, which is soon to be trialled within services. The solution can collect clinical and non-clinical data via an API, including outcome feedback and results. The data can be linked directly to distinct episodes of care or alternatively multiple data points throughout a pathway.

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