Innovation in East Kent – SAFER: Red2Green

14 May 2018

Beautiful Information works to commercialise excellence in informatics, especially in its host and partner organisations. This case study highlights how East Kent Hospitals has used Beautiful Information solutions alongside the Trust’s other reporting systems to deal with the challenge of recording and displaying ‘Red2Green’ data


The SAFER Initiative was developed by NHS Improvement to improve in-hospital flow and overall patient care. An additional aspect of this programme is the Red2Green campaign, which endeavours to categorise patients (red or green) based on whether they have had positive steps towards discharge.


The challenge with Red2Green was that due to its recent inception amending existing hospital systems to record this information was not feasible, therefore the only option was to record this manually, at best on spreadsheets, but at worse on paper. This was then collated centrally in the first instance to identify areas not completing Red2Green at all and then to identify trends.


The Information Department identified that they could utilise their Beautiful Information Inpatient PTL (Patient Tracking List), allowing staff to record Red2Green in real-time during Board Rounds and other patient interactions. In addition, staff could also record a specific reason (picked from a dropdown), which then fed into the trust’s own  reporting systems for more detailed analysis.


East Kent Hospitals has now embedded this within the patient tracking list, providing a  real-time insight into wards that have not completed their Red2Green.

Beautiful Information’s Performance suite is also used to provide a mobile app that shows what actions need to be taken by ward. Real-time delay reasons can be viewed and interrogated, drilling down into specific reasons and the relevant patients using a single click.

Working with this information the Information Analysts will start to provide a richer picture into patterns and trends over time.