An award-winning Bluetooth Operating Theatre solution launches in the UK

25 February 2020

Operating theatres are the most expensive part of any hospital and, often, the most inefficient. It’s estimated that an extra 290,000 routine operations could be performed in the NHS each year with better efficiency. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement calculates that each trust could save £7 million a year by running ‘productive theatre’.

Against this backdrop, Beautiful Information is delighted to announce a partnership with leading Spanish company MYSPHERA. They are proven specialists in surgical process efficiency, using affordable small Bluetooth wrist sensors together with an advanced workflow optimisation software to track patients and manage assets in real-time.

With more than 50 sites across Spain, France and Latin America and multiple awards, MYSPHERA can help improve patient flow and increase patient safety with real-time dashboards and analytical reporting. They also have a patient facing app to communicate with patient friends and relatives during the journey through surgery.

A HIMSS evaluation of a MYSPHERA solution in a hospital made a compelling case for adoption. The site had estimated its surgical performance at 79% but, after the MYSPHERA installation was in place, the real figure was revealed to be 49%. The MYSPHERA solution then helped improve efficiency by 20%, with surgical complications also reduced by 10%. This represented a Return on Investment of around 800%.

Another implementation in the most important complex hospital in Barcelona (Spain) with over 1,200 beds and 50 OR’s showed a measured increased in the OR throughput of 10.17% with estimated savings of 2,240,356 Euros after the first year of the implementation of the MYSPHERA platform.

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