We have developed real-time, web-based Patient Tracking Lists that can be customised to help manage a wide variety of operational areas – ED, Inpatients, Maternity, RTT 18 Weeks and much more.

Patient Tracker Live

  • A Patient Tracking List (PTL) to monitor ALL patients through their patient journey from attendance through to discharge
  • The PTL takes Patient Level Data from any number of IT systems in REALTIME and presents that information on a Tracking List
  • Hosted locally, accessible via the web from anywhere in the organisation
  • Designed to be used on whiteboards in operational locations
  • Can be linked to our Performance tracking web applications


Patient Tracker Live is fully customisable, where you choose the relevant tracking steps and business rules for your organisation, it can be used for:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Wards (Whiteboards)
  • RTT
  • Cancer

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