Diabetes dashboard for North Manchester

27 January 2020

We are working with The North Manchester Diabetes Centre and the University of Salford to capture the ‘current status’ of diabetes on a digital dashboard.

The dashboard will initially focus on ulcers and amputations to establish key metrics for clinicians. To start, the project will rely on manual input but the long-term aim is for automated, real-time data to be available to clinicians and patients with ‘trends’ and other analytical functionality added. As well as iterating the functionality, the dashboard is being developed flexibly to absorb, integrate and analyse data from an increasing number of sources as the project expands.

Tanyanyiwa Simbarashe, research lead, The University of Salford, explains “We aim to capture and display key metrics from people with diabetes foot ulcers. Our ambition is to use these to provide real-time clinical data that will, over the long-term, allow for a variety of digital solutions to be used, including predictive modelling. It will, in turn, influence clinical care culture and act as an instrument for patient behaviour change and empowerment.”