Surrey gets regional data insight

28 January 2020

We have teamed up with Alamac on a new regional initiative, which combines regional health data from four acute care providers across Surrey Heartlands’ Integrated Care System, to help improve outcomes for patients.

The web-based dashboard brings together real-time Emergency Care data from across six sites. It then collates it into a single, clear and accessible view. The application, which is optimised for ‘phones, tablets, desktops and big screens, delivers objective intelligence that can be used to evaluate performance and inform decision-making.

Data collected includes emergency department activity and performance, as well as Operational Pressures Escalation Level (OPEL) status. It is fed into the dashboard in real-time or through regular updates, depending on need.

Email alerts can be set up to automatically send a notification to a defined group of users when specified thresholds are breached, or when an OPEL status changes. The dashboard is flexible, and new data feeds and metrics can be added.

Alamac has built a reputation managing pressure across regional systems whilst Beautiful Information has 765 users of their 5 regional dashboards. By combining expertise they can make a really compelling proposition.

Jo Cubbon, executive chair, Alamac said “We are hugely excited about the potential of this dashboard to influence operations and efficiency. The application provides a simple, up-to-date view of information that enables Alamac to work with teams to take appropriate, proactive action to be taken where and when it is needed.”

Scott Parker, managing director, Beautiful Information said “By combining data from across the region in this way we can, for the first time, show how well emergency care is being delivered.”